Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband

Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband
Get a grip on your wig with the world’s most unique concept therapeutic headband. Provides peace of mind by making your wig more comfortable and preventing it from slipping.

Comfy Grip’s unique soft and grippy pebbled texture makes your wig a joy to wear! Filled with a therapeutic gel, the Comfy Grip evenly distributes the weight of your wig keeping it from slipping and prevents pressure spots. Relieves headaches caused from uncomfortable wigs or extended wear. Perfect for sensitive scalps. Dissipates body heat. Does not absorb sweat or body fluids and can easily be wiped clean. Will not leak if punctured. Light weight and durable, Comfy Grip will last for ages. Can be worn on heads with or without hair. The Velcro® adjustment fits 18.5" to 24" circumference. Imported from the US.

Wearing Instructions:

  • If you have hair, the massage-like pebble side is worn on your hair. This will keep the band from slipping.
  • If your scalp is free of hair, the smooth side is worn next to the scalp. The pebbled side then grips your wig better.
  • Simply wrap your Comfy Grip Deluxe around your hair line. Never wear it tight. The wonderful material, skin-like in texture, will stick to your scalp like an adhesive without being sticky.
  • Velcro® on the side of your head (not tight).
  • Be sure your ears are free from the Comfy Grip Deluxe.
  • If needed, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Finally wig comfort and peace of mind is delivered to you in one easy to use product!
    Original price: £24.95
    Our price: £25.00
    Angelique Wig by Natural Image
    Angelique Wig by Natural Image

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