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In the last few weeks we have seen some HOT hair styles on the catwalks! We’ve picked out some of our favourites for you!

Ken Paves created Eva Longoria’s perfectly curly and bouncy ponytail. If like us you can’t afford to go to Ken Paves salon we have the next best thing, the range he designed for Hairdo! There are four beautiful ponytails in the collection, one to suit everyone!

The 23" Wrap Around Pony by Hairdo

The 23″ Wrap Around Pony by Hairdo

Beach Curl Pony by Hairdo

Beach Curl Pony by Hairdo

The Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo

The Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo

The Texture Wrap by Hairdo

The Texture Wrap by Hairdo

Did you see the VMA’s? Haha no we’re not talking about performances, we were more interested about the hairdos on the red carpet! One of our favourites was Jennifer Huddon’s full fringe, it frames her face perfectly! You can jump on the fringe brand wagon too without the commitment of a cut with one of the Hairdo by Ken Paves fringe pieces.

Sandra Bullock always brings class and style to a red carpet and she did not disappoint at the premier of her new film Gravity. You can recreate her look without the celebrity price tag with the extensions by Hairdo.

Get these looks for less this week with 20%-30% off Hairdo

5 Ways with a PONYTAIL

At Hot Hair, we have a gorgeous range of easy-to-wear ponytails in a huge range of styles and colours. All you have to do is pop your own hair into a ponytail or bun and clip them into the top- it’s as easy as that! But if you think a ponytail is just a ponytail, think again! At Hot Hair, we can’t live without our clip-in ponies we’ve learnt a few tips and tricks on how to mix it up and do different things with them. We thought we’d share our insider tips with you, so here’s how to get five looks out of any one of our Hot Hair ponytails…enjoy!

Jennifer Morrison wears a Statement Chignon

1. The statement chignon.

If you have never tried wrapping one of our ponytails into a chignon- then you’ll be wowed once you have! Big, statement buns are all the rage for 2012- as seen on a huge number of celebrities across the globe and the good news is that they are super easy to do with one of our clip in ponies. Simply tie your hair up, clip the hairpiece into your own and divide into two equal sections. Take the section on the right and wrap all the way around to the left. Do the same with the remaining section but wrap in the opposite direction. You should now have a big, voluminous bun. Tuck the ends into the side of the bun, pin with some Kirby grips, spritz with a fine mist of hairspray to settle any stray hairs et viola! A red-carpet style chignon.

Super Sleek High Ponytail : Versace Summer 2012



2. The super-sleek high ponytail.

A high ponytail is the ultimate fast-track route to glamorous hair. It is simple, fuss-free and always looks polished. To create the look, begin by tying your hair up into a high ponytail. Create a tight, sleek look by brushing your hair completely flat and by gelling it down or create a softer look and pull out some tendrils at the side of your face- depending on which you prefer. Clip the hairpiece into the top of your own ponytail and rake through with the fingers to blend in with your own hair. For extra wow-factor, take a slice from the side of the ponytail and wrap it around the top

Victoria Beckham’s Perfect Side Swept Pony



3. The side-swept pony.

A casual, side-swept pony is the way to go this summer. It is sweet, simple and perfect for a lazy day in the park, barbeques or for evening events. First, tease some sections at the top of the head to create maximum volume and tie your hair into a low ponytail, positioning it to one side. Clip your ponytail in and finish with a mist of hairspray. You can also take a slice of hair from the side, braid it and twirl it around the top for extra detailing



Blake Lively’s gorgeous side plait


4. The side plait.

Pretty plaits have been massive this year, on the catwalks and on red-carpet events around the world. They’re fantastic for hot summer days when you want to keep your hair out of the way but also great if you want to show off a little dress. If you have short or fine hair but dream of having a long, thick, side plait resting on your shoulder, then here’s how to get it! Tie your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and clip the hairpiece in. Plait the piece as you would your own hair, incorporating your own hair into it as you go. Once you’ve tied it at the bottom, gently stretch the plait at the sides and pull out some light strands for a soft, boho look.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s pretty half up do.

5. The Half-up, half-down do.

Can’t decide whether you want to wear your hair up or down? Do them both! This is a hairstyle which seems to be one of Kate Middleton’s favourites and with its classy, voluminous look, who could blame her? Begin by tying half of your hair up into a ponytail and clip your ponytail hairpiece into the top. Try lightly teasing some sections at the top of the ponytail for extra volume, or adding a small hair accessory

Hot Summer Hair

So it’s summer. You’ve got a wedding, a festival and a few BBQ’s to attend, lazy days at the park with your girls, not to mention a holiday in the sun all pencilled into your diary, but the question is, have you got your hairstyles at the ready? If hair and hot weather are a bad combo and you shudder thinking of what the humidity will do to your barnet, let us help you! At Hot Hair, we’ve got the secrets on how to get super sultry summer styles in an instant. Want to know more? Read on!

Ponytails– Probably the easiest and quickest way to get hot hair in an instant, our clip-in ponytails are the

Perfect solution to jazzing up your hair in minutes. Simply pop your hair into a ponytail or bun and clip in- it’s as easy as that! We do a gorgeous selection of ponies, from short to long and straight to wavy. Try the Classy,

Bounce Clip in Ponytail

Bounce Clip in Ponytail

Bounce, Flow or Posh for a simple but cute straight look or the Chic, Tumble or Flirt for a wavy look. For weddings, proms and evening-wear, try the Lush, Glam, Gorgeous or Cute for a salon-styled look minus the hefty price tag. Our ponies also look stunning styled into chignons. Simply pop in as described above, wrap around to make a big bun and pin with some Kirby grips to secure. The advantage of these little beauties is that they hold their style no matter what the weather. They stay perfectly straight or beautifully wavy and keep you looking and feeling fresh and cool. Minimal effort, maximum impact!

Up-dos– A cute, classy up-do is always the best way to beat the heat and so it’s no wonder that up-dos always take off during the summer. Keep cool and beat the heat, wherever you go with our gorgeous range of scrunchies. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail or bun and wrap around, as you would a hair band.

Pouf Wrap Hairpiece

Try the Pouf or Stylemaker for an elegant, wispy look or the Wavy Wrap for cascades of ringlet curls. If sleek and straight is more to your liking, try the Feather Wrap or Straight N’ More Wrap.

Our top tip is to layer the pieces for maximum volume and effect! Try mixing the Feather Wrap with the Stylemaker or the Straight N’ More with the Feather Wrap- the possibilities are endless! The scrunchies are fabulous for daytime wear when you need to keep your hair looking sassy but out of the way, fantastic for more formal occasions such as weddings and proms and of course, the ultimate quick-fix for holidays! Pop a couple into your suitcase and look fabulous when you’re sightseeing or chilling by the pool, without breaking out a sweat.

'Dolly' by Hot Hair

‘Dolly’ by Hot Hair

Wigs– If styling your hair during the summer season feels like an impossible task and you’ve got plenty of places to go and lots of people

to see, then we’ve got the perfect solution. If you’re after a salon-styled look minus the hefty price tag or you’ve always secretly loved a particular style or colour but been too afraid to chop or colour your hair, then try a wig! We have a vast collection of stunning wigs in a huge range of styles and colours. They are fun and easy to wear, comfortable and the best thing? They keep their shape and stay put all day, so no falling flat and absolutely no frizz-dramas! Wigs are perfect for all day wear, for special occasions, nights out and particularly for holidays- simply pop them on and get head-turning hair in seconds.

The Hottest Spring Hair Styles for 2012

This spring hair is colourful, fun and – shock horror- not only easy to do but easy to wear!

Here’s how to get the looks that define the season


Coloured flashes and Ombre hair are huge this spring- and this is one trend that is set to keep going all through summer and into Autumn.

This trend was not only on the catwalks for SS12 but stars like January Jones and Julia Roberts have been picking up on this surprisingly wearable trend.


January Jones with fabulous pink colour flashes in her hair

Unfortunately coloured hair whilst fun, is not always compatible with a day job.Fortunately for you we have 2 great solutions:

Get funky hair colour in a flash with these single Human Hair Colour Strips for just £12. Or try the heat Stylable Clip inColour for a more all over effect for just £15.

Human Hair Colour Strips

Clip in Colour


Ever so slightly disheveled hair with a slight natural wave was all over the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2012, including at Givenchy (pictured below)

Urban Wave hair at Givenchy show, Spring Summer 2012

This is a super easy speedy do, that requires a little bit of prep, and perhaps some help with getting a longer length.

Heres how:

Straight hair: Roughly dry your hair leaving it to kink a bit naturally.Then work a smoothing serum through to give extra shine. Add length with some similarly waved extensions such as the Jessica Simpson Hairdo Styleable Softwave Extensions at just £95

If your hair is naturally curly, you will need to straighten it first, then create some bends and kinks by roughly scrunching up your hair and using your tongs to ‘set’ the scrunch. Gain extra length easily by clipping in the high quality 19″ human hair extensions from hothair.


This trend shows no sign of going away. Probably becuase not only does it look great, it can be worn for all kinds of occassions AND it is easy to do.

You can wear it sky high like at the Versace Haute Couture Spring Summer show, or lower at the nape of the neck.

Ponytails worn sky high and sleek at the Versace Haute Couture show, Spring/Summer 2012

A ponytail extension is the easiest way to quickly get this great look, and to get the length that you want.

Xpress Wrap Ponytail

Lush Clip in Ponytail

Lush Clip in Ponytail

Try Lush from hothair for an extra long sleek ponytail or Xpress  for an easy pony with a braid wrap to hide the  join.


Victoria Beckham looked radiant when she attended this year’s biggest social event; The Royal Wedding. And her elegant hair style was very similar to a HairDo product from Hothair.

Victoria’s hairstyle was created by her good friend and celebrity stylist Ken Paves who styled her hair exactly like one of his HairDo Tru2Life’ products, the Wrap Around Pony, to create the sophisticated and chic look.

To create Victoria’s look you could use the fabulous clip-in Wrap Around Pony which negates the hassle of trying to grow longer hair or looking for a wig that can be worn up as this 18″ hairpiece is made for a full looking ponytail. It adds a long, full trend-setting pony style to any woman’s hair instantly and the wrap around feature truly sets it apart from any other clip-in pony. Available in 13 fashionable shades, the Wrap Around Pony will match most modern hair colours.

Tru2Life is a cutting-edge, heat friendly, synthetic fibre technology that allows wearers to style these pieces using heated/ thermal tools as they would with their own hair or on more expensive human hair pieces. There is no damage to the fibres, which will stay looking like natural, healthy human hair, even to the touch.

Tru2Lif Heat-Friendly synthetic hair can be styled using thermal tools on medium settings (up to 180 degrees C and 350 degrees F). Curling has never been so easy. When curling the Tru2Life synthetic hair, simply slide the curled fibre off the iron and pin the warm curl with a clip until the fibre cools and curl sets. Steam rollers and/or wet setting can also be used.

Simply click on the step-by-step to see more information and an instructional video from Ken.

Katy Perry’s New Pony

Katy Perry

With the Christmas Party Season looming large, Katy Perry shows how fabulous a wrap around pony tail can look when attending the MTV Awards in Madrid with Russell Brand.

Katy offset her stunning hairstyle with a super shimmery little red dress which complimented it perfectly.

Get yours now from Hothair and to help we are now offering 20% off all hairpeices and ponytails…just click on the image below.


Top Knot is Top Notch this Autumn


Sarah Jessica Parker perfectly demonstrates this Autumn’s must have hair trend, with the top knot style that is favoured by many celebs and fashonistas this year. Twist a pony tail into a bun and leave the ends out for a fun and natural look.

To create this using Hothair, simply use the fabulous Hothair Glam clip in pony tail. Clip it in and split the hair into 2 sections. Wrap one section around the palm clip and then wrap the other section around in the opposite direction to create the perfect top not that is right on trend!

Just click the picture below…