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Hot High Ponytails

We’re a little bit obsessed with ponytails at the moment. The Higher and swishy-er the better.  They are super on trend this AW so we thought we’d do a round up of some recent ones that we’ve LOVED and a quick ‘how to’  Hothair style. That is- cheat your way to fabulous swishyness.

Blake Lively

Kate Moss at Louis Vuitton

Victoria Beckham












If you would like a perfectly sleek,  pony like these ladies  you should try the Jessica Simpson Wrap around pony or the Xpress Wrap Ponytail. Each of these are slick with a special extra wrap piece to hide the join.

Simply tie your hair up into a ponytail, as high as you dare, making sure you slick back any wisps & strays.

Then use the clever hidden comb on the ponytail extension to slide it over the band of your own ponytail. Wrap the extension around & secure with the velcro. Then wrap the extra piece around to cover the join, securing with a kirby grip or two.

And then swish.