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Kate Middleton’s Hair Extensions (did she really?)

There were all sorts of rumours surrounding the new Duchess of Cambridge’s hair extensions.- Did she? Didn’t she?

Apparently she didn’t use hair extensions but it did get us thinking- If we were suddenly called out to our first solo Royal Engagement- would we be tempted to use a quick little helper for a hair style volume boost?

After all, every girl needs a little helping hand every now and again and we certainly couldn’t blame her if she did need a bit of extra oomph

We think clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution to hair dilemmas- no mess, no fuss and certainly no commitment. Our clip in Human hair extensions can be trimmed & styled just like your own hair. Perfect no matter what the occassion may be- Royal or not.


Glowing Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson positively glowed at the launch of Johnny English Reborn, in which she plays Head of MI7 Pamela Thornton.

Her elegantly dishevelled and chic upswept hair was created by hairstylist Kim Roy using a combination of clip in extensions from Hothair.

Gillian Anderson wearing extensions from Hothair

Clip in extensions are perfect for creating extra volume and height for special occasion hairdos . Carfully placed extensions clipped in behind the crown then blended with your own hair can eliminate the need for lots of backcombing, and can help create the most elaborate of updos, even if your own hair is not long & thick enough.

Why not try these extensions for instant volume next time you are creating an updo?

19″ Human Hair Extensions from Hothair

Bump up the Volume Extensions

Raquel Welch 18″ Human Hair Extensions