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Pixie cut is a real winner this Autumn

Halle Berry

Halle Berry demonstrates that short is in fashion again this Autumn. The short pixie is one trend that simply doesn’t seem to go out of style. In the hectic days of today, this low maintenance style is a very cute hair style that compliments the face of every woman. This is a very liberating style that many women will find extremely attractive to wear and it’s perfect when you’re walking out in the autumn windy days and nights.

Hothair has a range of Pixie cut wigs so that you can be right on trend this Autumn. Just look in their shorter wigs section on the website.


Top Knot is Top Notch this Autumn


Sarah Jessica Parker perfectly demonstrates this Autumn’s must have hair trend, with the top knot style that is favoured by many celebs and fashonistas this year. Twist a pony tail into a bun and leave the ends out for a fun and natural look.

To create this using Hothair, simply use the fabulous Hothair Glam clip in pony tail. Clip it in and split the hair into 2 sections. Wrap one section around the palm clip and then wrap the other section around in the opposite direction to create the perfect top not that is right on trend!

Just click the picture below…


Clip In vs. Permanent Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson 21" Human Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson 21" Human Hair Extensions

Over recent years the trend for hair extensions among celebrities has been rife. But with stars such as Kate Beckinsale, Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera and Nancy Dell’Olio having all been pictured with temporary bald patches, allegedly caused by their one-time love of permanent hair extensions plus in this month’s Harpers Bazaar’s interview with Jennifer Anniston in which she is bemoaning the damage caused to her hair as a result of permanent extensions, we once again ask the question…Permanent Extensions or Hothair Clip-In Extensions?

Finished Look – Equal finished look.

Time to achieve the look – Clip In much quicker… minutes whereas permanent takes up to 4 hours in salon.

Cost – Clip In at most £299 for top of the range Hothair 21” Human Hair but permanent is £600+ regardless of quality.

Care – Clip In has minimal after care but permanent requires ongoing daily maintenance with special shampoo and conditioning products

Safety – No reported damage with proper use with Hothair Clip-Ins….ask Jennifer Aniston for permanent extension results.

The Winner is Hothair Clip-In!

10 Years of Hothair


Whilst it is Halloween that is more widely celebrated on the 31st October, this year the date represents a significant milestone for HotHair as it marks the 10th anniversary of their first store opening. As the UK’s leading hair fashion brand it may be a little scary that time has passed so quickly but HotHair takes pride in being the saviour of many hair horror stories!