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Festival Fabulous Hair

It’s festival season! So you’ve got your sleeping bag- check, toiletries- check, wellies-check and your camera charged up and ready to go but if the thought of going without water, electricity, straighteners and curlers or the fear of greasy locks and frantically taming your bedhead first thing in the morning fills you with dread, then fear not and read on! We’ve got top tips and secrets that’ll keep your hair looking slick and make you the object of everyone’s attention on the festival circuit. Not a strand of frizzyness or greasyness in sight! So here we go- our ultimate guide to festival hair…

Flashes of Colour– Eye-catching and a must-have for festival season- clip-in highlight hair extensions are colourful, funky and instant! We’ve got plenty of fun clip in fun colours as well  natural colours for a more subtle look or our personal favourite, Animal Print Highlights that’ll help you unleash your wild side!

Animal Clip Hair Extension

The Fringe A super easy way to get your hair out of the way and looking cool- the fringe takes seconds to put in and will transform your hair instantly. Try the Hairdo Clip-In Fringe for a softer look or the Hot Hair Sexy Straight Fringe for a heavy, blunt look. Simply pop your hair into a ponytail or, you can leave it out and clip the fringe in at the front of your hair using the attached butterfly clips. Gently give it a ruffle with your fingers for a shaggy, carefree look for extra rock-chic effect!

The Braided Headband– Probably the most versatile piece that you can invest in, our braided headbands form a fast-track route to cute tresses that ooze hippy-chic. Pop a couple into your bag and simply wear at the front of the head. They look fabulous layered up or even wrapped around your ponytail or bun. Plait perfection with minimal effort!

Mermaid Waves Simple and sweet, softly curled mermaid waves never go out of fashion for festivals. The best way to keep them beautifully set for the duration of your stay at a festival? Fake it! We love the 23″ Hairdo Wavy Extensions, which are comfortable to wear, easy to put in and require no styling whatsoever. Simply wash your hair at home and plait tightly whilst your hair is still damp. Take them out on the first day of the festival and scrunch your hair with some mousse. Pop in the extensions and rake your fingers through to blend in your own hair.

The Ponytail– A girly style that’ll get your hair out of the way and keep you looking and feeling cool, you can’t go wrong with a simple ponytail. We do a huge range of beautiful ponytails that come attached to palm clips, so all you need to do is clip in and go! Pop your hair into a ponytail first, slide the clip in to the top, tease out some tendrils at the front to frame your face and get ready to rock the power of the pony!

Bounce Clip in Ponytail

The Bun The weather’s hot, you’ve been frequenting the mosh pit a-plenty and running out of ways to liven up your limp hair. This is where the bun comes in! Terribly forgiving for hair sins and easy to do, a simple bun will disguise greasy or flat hair and jazz it up a treat. Try the feather wrap, straight n’ more, wavy wrap or stylemaker. Simply wrap around your own ponytail or bun for a beautiful style in a jiffy!

The Wig– What do Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry all have in common? These ladies can’t live without wigs in funky colours! Without a doubt, a staple for festival season, you can’t go wrong with a full wig. A fantastic solution to covering up your own hair and a perfect excuse to temporarily transform yourself by wearing a colour you’ve always secretly wanted to sport, our wigs come in a multitude of styles and are made in every colour under the sun. Try the Sugar or Mandy in soft pastel colours for a more striking look or go for something more natural like Avril or Joanna– the choice is yours!