We’ve got an extra treat for everyone this week- a hot new pixie cut style called Eva, fresh for 2012. Full of choppy layers, lots of volume and a sassy side fringe, Eva is the perfect style fix for those autumn days when you just can’t seem to tame your hair.

‘Eva’, a brand new style for 2012.

‘Eva’, a brand new style for 2012.

Eva has been inspired by the huge pixie hair cut trend that’s become super popular as of late, with fashionistas such as Emma Watson, Frankie Sandford, Anne Hathaway and Ginnifer Goodwin flying the pixie flag, and it’s no wonder why! Short cuts are comfortable to wear and couldn’t be easier to style. To wear Eva, just give it a quick shake out of the box, pop it on and rake through with your fingers for instant red-carpet style.

Eva is inspired by our fave pixie cut wearers such as Ginnifer.


Eva is super easy to look after and requires minimum fuss with styling, making it perfect for winter days when you need a perfect hairstyle in a flash. The high quality synthetic fibre means that it’ll hold its shape on its own, not to mention that you won’t need a drastic haircut! No styling disasters and no long, expensive trips to the hairdressers- what more could you want?