NEWSFLASH! Presenting the brand new ‘Texture Wrap Pony’ and ‘Texture Weft Extension’ by Hairdo!

TREND ALERT! At Hot Hair, we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for the latest trends in the world of hair and this week, we’re talking CRIMPS! Crimped hair is set to make a massive comeback. It’s been spotted at some of the hottest catwalk shows across the globe this year as well as on some of the world’s most well-known celebrities.

Crimped hair at Roberto Cavalli- 2012

The Texture Wrap Pony by Hairdo

The Texture Wrap Pony features a mixture of straight and lightly crimped hair, is comfortable to wear and takes only minutes to clip in (long gone are the days when we’d spend hours clamping our crimpers down onto our hair, section by section!). All you have to do is tie your own hair up, clip the piece in at the top of your own ponytail or bun and wrap the attached slice of hair around the top to conceal the join for a seamless, undetectable look.

The ‘Texture Weft Extension’ by Hairdo.


The Texture Weft Extensions are fab if you want the choice of wearing your hair down as well as up and they cut out the hassle and time involved in working with several wefts of hair. Simply part your hair from ear to ear, clip in the multi-level weft, release the top part of your own hair and blend in with the fingers for a seamless look. Both pieces are made out of Tru2life Fibre, so you can use gentle heat on them to style them as you like.

They are perfect for nights out or special occasions, luxuriously thick and perfect for adding shots of length, volume and star-style in a snap, without causing any damage to the hair. What’s more, crimped hair is full of volume, fun to wear and something a little different that’ll help you stand out from the crowd,so get clipping and be prepared to turn some heads!