Hot Summer Hair

So it’s summer. You’ve got a wedding, a festival and a few BBQ’s to attend, lazy days at the park with your girls, not to mention a holiday in the sun all pencilled into your diary, but the question is, have you got your hairstyles at the ready? If hair and hot weather are a bad combo and you shudder thinking of what the humidity will do to your barnet, let us help you! At Hot Hair, we’ve got the secrets on how to get super sultry summer styles in an instant. Want to know more? Read on!

Ponytails– Probably the easiest and quickest way to get hot hair in an instant, our clip-in ponytails are the

Perfect solution to jazzing up your hair in minutes. Simply pop your hair into a ponytail or bun and clip in- it’s as easy as that! We do a gorgeous selection of ponies, from short to long and straight to wavy. Try the Classy,

Bounce Clip in Ponytail

Bounce Clip in Ponytail

Bounce, Flow or Posh for a simple but cute straight look or the Chic, Tumble or Flirt for a wavy look. For weddings, proms and evening-wear, try the Lush, Glam, Gorgeous or Cute for a salon-styled look minus the hefty price tag. Our ponies also look stunning styled into chignons. Simply pop in as described above, wrap around to make a big bun and pin with some Kirby grips to secure. The advantage of these little beauties is that they hold their style no matter what the weather. They stay perfectly straight or beautifully wavy and keep you looking and feeling fresh and cool. Minimal effort, maximum impact!

Up-dos– A cute, classy up-do is always the best way to beat the heat and so it’s no wonder that up-dos always take off during the summer. Keep cool and beat the heat, wherever you go with our gorgeous range of scrunchies. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail or bun and wrap around, as you would a hair band.

Pouf Wrap Hairpiece

Try the Pouf or Stylemaker for an elegant, wispy look or the Wavy Wrap for cascades of ringlet curls. If sleek and straight is more to your liking, try the Feather Wrap or Straight N’ More Wrap.

Our top tip is to layer the pieces for maximum volume and effect! Try mixing the Feather Wrap with the Stylemaker or the Straight N’ More with the Feather Wrap- the possibilities are endless! The scrunchies are fabulous for daytime wear when you need to keep your hair looking sassy but out of the way, fantastic for more formal occasions such as weddings and proms and of course, the ultimate quick-fix for holidays! Pop a couple into your suitcase and look fabulous when you’re sightseeing or chilling by the pool, without breaking out a sweat.

'Dolly' by Hot Hair

‘Dolly’ by Hot Hair

Wigs– If styling your hair during the summer season feels like an impossible task and you’ve got plenty of places to go and lots of people

to see, then we’ve got the perfect solution. If you’re after a salon-styled look minus the hefty price tag or you’ve always secretly loved a particular style or colour but been too afraid to chop or colour your hair, then try a wig! We have a vast collection of stunning wigs in a huge range of styles and colours. They are fun and easy to wear, comfortable and the best thing? They keep their shape and stay put all day, so no falling flat and absolutely no frizz-dramas! Wigs are perfect for all day wear, for special occasions, nights out and particularly for holidays- simply pop them on and get head-turning hair in seconds.