Easy Party Hairstyles

It’s the silly season – there are a million things to do, presents to buy and wrap, people to see, drinks to be drunk and parties to get all glammed up for.

Luckily we have the hair thing all sorted here at Hothair- so you can have a glam hairstyle with barely any fuss, leaving time for more important things- like having fun.

Here are our hot tips:

Go for a chic and easy UPDO

Stylemaker Wrap

Simply pop your hair in a high pony, then wrap one of our ingenious hair wraps around. Add a sparkly accessory and you’re ready to party.

A Sky High Ponytail is easy to do and definitely on-trend.

Bounce High Pony

Simply wrap around or clip in for instant glam. Our hotpick for the highest?

Why not try a wig like Jessie J and Kelly Rowland? They’re easy to put on, easy to wear and require NO styling! We have some gorgeous wigs that on trend and fashionable, Why not experiment a bit with something different- a different colour or a completelty different cut. Now’s the time for a bit of festive hair fun!

The Bob Wig

Verity Wig