Princess Catherine Hair

Kate MiddletonWe are all suffering from Princess Hair envy at the moment. (not to mention the intense disapointment that no- we probably never will have a fairytale wedding to a real Prince)
But- on the brightside, we at Hothair have a solution to not having our own blowdry expert on call 24-7, which unless you are very lucky, like Kate Middleton is, you probably won’t!

As the Princess to be knows, half-up half-down hair is pretty and perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a royal walk-about or a not so royal cosy dinner or picnic in the park. Try this look no matter what your hair length with our clip in Human Hair Extensions, or for as much added volume as you dare, the Jessica Simpson Bump up the Volume Extensions.

Human Hair Extensions Half Up

All you need to do is clip these human hair extensions in for instant length and extra volume.

Bump up the Volume Jessica Simpson

Try these for extra volume through the crown, simply clip in these high quality hair extensions in at the top of your crown, then push the cleverly molded hidden wire in the cap for instant height!