Hothair Trends for 2011

What will be hot in 2011?

Over the next week HotHair are going to bring you a round up of the hottest trends in 2010 and what we predict will be hot for 2011 as well some great tips

on how you can create these looks yourself.


Long Glossy and Softly Waved

One of the biggest trends for 2010 was long, glossy hair with bounce and soft waves through the ends. This style shows no sign of disappearing in the next 12 months as it is not only polished and feminine but is equally glamorous for night & day.

Take a look at some of our favourite examples of 2010.

Sarah Jessica Parker Kate Middleton Cheryl Cole

For the simplest way to achieve this look, simply pop on one of Hothairs wigs, such as the Jessica Simpson Long & Lush wig and ready to go.

& Lush
was £110, now £87.50
Wavy Extensions
was £72, now £54.95
Straight Extensions
was £67 now £53.60

Extensions are another simple way to achieve this look as explained below.

First prep your own hair by using a thickening spray. This will give the roots of your hair volume, and ensure the clip in extensions hold firm.

Then, either use your styling tongs, or large rollers to create loose waves in your hair, leave to cool & set for a few minutes. A good tip is to curl your hair away from your face to highlight your cheekbones. Gently back comb your crown for extra lift if you like.

Then, clip in your extensions by sectioning your hair from ear to ear, and securely clipping them in place under your own hair. >> watch “how to” video

Finally, run your fingers through both your hair & the extensions. This helps them blend together, and loosens the curls. Finish off with a spritz of glossing hairspray to finish off the look.