Summers hair trends and how to get them…..

We don’t know about you but whenever we feel summer start to roll around, we start itching for a new look. And this year is no exception, the littlest glimpse of sun and we started flipping through insta for some #hairinspiration, and here is what we found, enjoy ladies!


This could not be easier to do and you don’t even need clean hair, in fact it works better on dirty hair (yes to an extra 10 minutes in bed!). Before you go to sleep, spray your hair with sea salt spray and put in some volumizing or texturizing mousse, plait your hair into one french plait, then leave overnight and let it works its magic whilst you catch some zzzzzz. Once awake, take out your plaits and then re-apply the sea salt spray and add some hair spray. If the waves aren’t to your satisfaction then use straighteners, NOT curlers as the shape of the waves will not match, to add a little kink to your locks. And voila, you’re done!

beach waves


Nothing says carefree like a messy bun right!? Hoooooowever, this is much easier said than done, you want that just rolled out of bed look and you don’t want it to look too tight/forced, which we get. Similar to the style before this, this will work best if you sleep on it, so put your hair in a tight/medium pony and sleep on it, you can add product if you wish depending on your hair type but it’s not necessary. Once you have woken up, you can wrap your pony round to create a donut shaped bun or simply add one of our clip in buns, and you’re good to go! You can also add some loose tendrils to frame your face and set off that windswept and interesting look.

messy bun


You’ve probably seen these buns everywhere but not sure what they’re called, but they’re in fact called “space buns”, cool right!? To pull this off you will need a lot of hair, so whether you were blessed with luscious locks or not, we can help you achieve this look! Simply split your hair into two, start from the ears and carry the parting along the back. Then divide the hair on top into 2 sections, and put into cute lil’ buns (see image below). If the bottom half of your hair is feeling a little lacklustre, then add some of our 22” Triple Weft Extensions that are made of 100% Remy Human Hair, (these can be cut to your hair length or desired length) if you really want to make these alien chic buns pop, you can add some glitter to the roots for a little or a lot of sparkle.

glittter buns space buns


We’re taking some notes of out Kim KW’s book with this slicked back look, and this is even good for your hair! To make sure your hair stays slicked back and smooth, put your go to serum or oil from the roots to where you would like the pony to start, this way your hair is guaranteed to stay in place, get a little TLC at the same time and look shiny & healthy too! However, if your hair is lacking any volume or length you can simply add one of 100% human hair pony tails to your already existing pony and you’re done. Wham, bam, thank you m’am!

kim k bun

Thank you for reading and if you try any of these styles use #myhothair to be featured on our social channels & even our main site!

Until next time….

Team HH x