New year means new styles!

Hello you lovely lot,

We know that New Years seems like aaaages ago because January has dragged on forever, but with a new year comes change and that can only mean 1 thing……new hair!

If a wig or 3/4 hair piece seems a bit daunting, then don’t fear! We are super excited to introduce our new 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions, these are double drawn for double the thickness, so no more wispy ends! Also, these extensions have been ethically sourced and carefully produced throughout the whole process as to ensure that you receive only the best quality.



We have 2 options for the hair lovers of the world:

Triple Weft Deluxe Extensions: We’ve managed to cram 150g of double drawn 100% remy human air into 3 sleek wefts.  The hair has been carefully selected and coloured to perfection, each weft has safe and secure clips sewn in so all you need to do is clip in and go. Beautifully sleek, and thick all the way to the ends, everyone is raving about these new extensions.

Triple deluxe clips


Luxury Single Weft Extensions:  Even though it’s less hair, you will not be disappointed, these come in 2 different lengths, 18” and 22”. These extensions are simple yet effective with 100g of hair in 1 weft, getting flowing locks could not be easier, these are also double drawn to provide smooth and silky satin feel that is easy to style. As this style comes without clips, you can get these sewn into your own scalp for a more permanent solutions, however we do sell clips that are super simple to sew in at home.



Here comes the tricky part….

Not sure what colour? Yes, we’ve all been there…ordered something expecting it to be peach and it rocks up neon orange. That can be frustrating and also it can seem scary investing your money into something you’re going to have on your head that everyone will be able to see and it could be the wrong colour. But, our expertly trained store and salon staff can colour match you in a matter of seconds. We also have a team of experts who can be contacted via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram who can help you out with colour matching when ordering online.

extensions-remy-single-weft-2WEB Triple Deluxe_0716


If you like the look of these bad boys then you should hurry as we have limited stock, and these are flying off the shelves at our stores- also don’t forget to tag us in your selfies sing #myhothair to be featured on our channels!

Team HH x