August Celebrity Style

Being the new host of America’s Next Top Model, recently Rita Ora has recently been making some daring and ultra-cool fashion-forward statements. Take her eccentric flame-coloured high ponytail as a fab example.


We at hothair have become obsessed with this crazy million-dollar look so have the perfect way to recreate it in a flash through our vibrant COLOUR SPLASH PONYBy simply putting your hair into a high pony and wrapping the hair piece around the hair tie, you instantly have 23” long flowing waves of colour. With no bleaching or commitment, you can choose between 3 super colours: pink, lavender or blue.

Rita surely knows how to switch up her hair-look in an instant… and now you can too!

Secondly, did anyone see Kim Kardashian’s new sleek, straight long bob hairstyle with blunt ends or ‘LOB’?

Kim K

Well, we don’t know if you already know this, but Kim shocked fans by admitting her dramatic makeover from her usual long, luscious wavy locks was only temporary and it was actually a wig!

So if you too want to recreate the ultra clean, blunt LOB illusion, making everyone thing you too have chopped all your hair off, we suggest trying the Infinity Wig by Natural Image or Hailey Wig by NorikoLike Kim, these sexy, sleek cuts can be worked both ultra straight or with messy, tousled waves swept to one side.

So go on and keep up with the Kardashians!