Collaboration with Laura Jane Style


We are tremendously excited to announce we have recently teamed-up with  Laura Jane Style!


Laura-Jane has been an absolute super-star in creating a series of video collaborations with us. She gives fabulous tutorials on how to simply and quickly apply our hairpieces and brings wonderful, creative hairstyles ideas for you guys to effortlessly try out yourselves.

In her ‘Flirty Twist Hairstyle’ video, Laura demonstrates how to simply apply our ¾ wig of long, soft waves BRIANNA, showing how the glamorous waves add instant length and volume to your hair. She then shows how to spice the look up a notch by creating and pinning back some hair twists to make your locks look even more fun and flirty!


Another awesome video she has made shows how to perform a quick ‘up-do’ using our easy-to-wear clip-in SWIRLED BUN in a few simply steps. Laura creates a gorgeous, braided approach to how to wear the bun, suitable for any occasion! She also shows images of her other fab creations: a maximum volume messy, loose bun; or smoothing down the layers to create a neat high-top look. We can’t wait to give these a go too!Swirled Bun

Laura reveals how our LONG PERFECT PONY is really easy and quick to pop in your hair giving that needed extra bit of volume, even for those already with long hair, creating thicker, luscious locks. This great straight pony can be styled in many different ways from a glam sleek-back cat-walk look, to an edgy, BoHo series of twists (of which Laura demonstrates in her video), making it suitable for any occasion or image! Laura creatively shows just how to give a little something extra to the ponytail, perfect for those up and coming summer occasions!Long Perfect Pony

Currently 3 amazing videos have been created and are available on youtube for you to watch here now:

But get excited… In the next coming weeks there will be more to come as Laura will show some more fun and fabulous ways to style our products! Yippee!

So go and get creative… the world is your oyster with hothair hairpieces! We would love to see the fabulous looks you come up with.