A few tips with hair extensions

New to clip in extensions and want to make sure you get the best look? Think of them like you would new makeup: practice, experiment and blend! You may fiddle with clip in hair extensions at first but after a couple of applications, you’ll be putting them in like a pro! Watch our video which even shows the model putting them in herself!

A couple of other tips:

1. Dirty up your hair just a little. If you have fine or straight hair you’ll want to add a little texture to your own natural hair so the clip in extensions blend better and stay put. If you’ve got clean wet hair, put in some volumising mousse before you blow dry. If your hair is already dry, spray in some dry shampoo or light holding spray.

2. Tease your hair lightly. In the the 3 top spot where you’ll be clipping in your extensions, tease your hair very lightly so the clips will definitely not slip.

3. Wavy styles are the most forgiving. If you’re worried about blending, a messy wavy look is easy! No one will ever know where your hair stops and the extensions start. Try our Styleable Soft Wave hair extensions…they feel naturally gorgeous and you just can’t get them wrong!

4. Try to keep within 4-6″ of your own hair length. The most natural looking hair extensions are the ones that aren’t exaggerated or fake looking. (Unless that’s what you’re going for!) Chin to shoulder length transforms into below-the-shoulder length hair while long hair becomes thick and full. Our 19″ Layered Straight and 20″ Styleable Soft Wave hair extensions are great places to start. Of course we have up to 25″ long hair extensions as well!

5. Go for the easiest hair extensions…the new Headband Hair extensions. Absolutely the easiest hair extensions as you just slide it on and go! No clips to worry about.  Also, the headband hair extensions are the most forgiving for colour matching as only the very front of your hair shows. You could even go a colour lighter or darker!

Jessica Simpson Tru2Life Headband Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson Tru2Life Headband Hair Extensions