Colour matching? Colour blending!

We get a lot of feedback about what colour to buy and how match hair with clip in hair extensions. We say – it’s not about matching…it’s about blending! You might have the right colour in you hands but not even know it! The trick is to try it out and get used to the new look.

1. First of all, always take the piece out of the box and try it on! You just can’t judge whether a colour will suit you until you put it on.

2. Next, don’t judge the colour match on hair extensions at the root of the hair where you clip them in. Most people’s hair is darker at the roots, especially blondes. Remember, nobody sees the top of the hair since you let your natural hair down over top. (See the pics below)

3. Get used to it! It might sound silly but the look of your new hair will be transforming, especially for those of us with shorter and finer hair. We’re talking about added length, body and volume thanks to those clip in hair extensions. Get used to the total look and have a play with the hair.

4. Practice makes perfect. If you have darker hair at the roots you may be worried about the clip in hair extensions showing a bit at the top. First of all, stop worrying…the hair extension police aren’t out there to bust you!  They are practically undetectable when you first pop them in. But with a little practice, you’ll know exactly where to put them in and how to style your hair so it looks the most natural.

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Hair Extensions: Before and After

Hair Extensions: Before and After

Hair Extensions: Colour Matching

Colour Matching: Don’t judge the match at the root (top) of the hair extension…just wait until you let your natural hair down!

Hair Extensions: Colour blends when the hair is let down.!

Colour blends when the hair is let down!