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Ways to Style a 3/4 Wig and Three Different Looks

So we have three different looks with three different 3/4 wigs. These 3/4 wigs (half wigs or 3/4 hair extensions as they call them). Come in three different lengths. They can be styled in many different ways but we wanted to show three different looks ‘The Night Out, The Casual Look and The 50s Vintage Look’.


Hannah tried on one of our 3/4 wigs in the office which gave her instant volume and length with very little effort. She is rocking Brianna in Golden Wheat R1488. We think Hannah’s voluminous style is perfect for a night out.

Our 3/4 wig are incredibly secure as they feature a comb attachment in the front and at the back of the wig as well as two crocodile clips.

Hannah chose a great colour match but a quick tip to remember is that even if you happened to choose a shade lighter or darker than your natural hair. It can always be blended in as our wig features fab highlights and low lights.

Our wigs create a full yet natural look, I mean if you saw Hannah on a night out rocking Brianna, would you have ever guessed that she was wearing a hair piece?

Check out our Hothair 3/4 wig Brianna here.



Jessica Edmunds BeyonceHere we have the beautiful Jessica, a bubbly lifestyle blogger from the South East. She is rocking our mid-length 3/4 wig Beyonce in Sandy Blonde (R21). Beyonce features voluminous large hot roller style curls & waves.

The look she created is a perfect casual look, a twist to the top knot updo. Jessica styled it in a top knot with a half up half down style and we are absolutely loving it! Check out her blog HERE and her Hothair review for Beyonce HERE.

Check out our Hothair 3/4 wig Beyonce here.


This first look is from one of the lovely ladies in the office looking oh so classy with a 50s vintage look. She is rocking Bailey in Harvest Gold (HG).

She created look by first curling her own her, then flipping some hair from the front of her head forward to make space to insert the 3/4 wig. Louise Vintage Bailey 2

After she inserted the wig and secured it with the comb attachment and clips that comes with the wig. She then flipped her hair back to blend her natural hair and clipped it to create victory rolls.

The curls were then brushed out to sit on her shoulder then a texturizing spray and dry shampoo were used to hold the hair in place and blend it with her hair as she has very fine hair. Showing that even showing that even those with fine hair can easily secure our 3/4 with ease!

The finishing touch was hair spray to hold the victory rolls in place.

Check out our Hothair 3/4 wig Bailey here.



We have a huge arrival at Hot Hair this week…something which we know you’ve been waiting for , for a very long time! Meet the ‘Wonderstyler’, by Doll Hair Care. The Wonderstyler is an ingenious styling tool which you can use on synthetic hair (without damaging or melting the fibres!) as well as on human hair. It makes a fabulous present, will create fairytale hair in an instant and is the MUST have hair tool which you can use on your wigs, extensions and hairpieces, as well as on your own hair. Want to know more? Read on to get the lowdown!

The Wonderstyler, by Doll

– The innovative Doll grip and ergonomic design gives the stylist utmost control whilst protecting sensitive hands and fingers, ensuring that they are kept away from the hot plates.

– The polished, titanium plates reduce ‘tugging’ to ensure a smooth styling experience and to create a shinier, sleeker finish.

The Wonderstyler, by Doll


– The temperature control button allows you to select the exact temperature, degree by degree, according to your styling needs (maximum temperature of 230oC/446Of).

-The Wonderstyler comes complete with a safe and convenient heat-resistant carry bag, so no need to wait for your irons to cool down after use!