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Serene Wig by Natural Image

Serene Wig by Natural Image

Now: £225.00

A sleek, ready-to-wear wig with a side-swept fringe and voluminous layers at the back make Serene a fashionable choice for anyone seeking a comfortable, easy-to-wear style.

Serene features a lace front and a hand knotted top, which allows you to style the hair off the face and in any direction you like. Ultimate styling versatility teamed with a high fashion look makes this piece a classic style which ticks all the boxes.

Shown in colour: G10+, Nutmeg Mist (Right and below) and G27+, Ginger Mist (below, far right).

Length Short
Cap Type Lace Front / Monofilament
Cap Size Average
Fibre Type Synthetic
Hair Style Layered
Hair Type Straight
Delivery Dispatched same day if ordered before Midday Monday to Friday

  • Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels completely natural. DO NOT HEAT STYLE.

  • Cap Type: Lace Front Wig with Comfort Cap Base

  • Cap Size: Average

  • Length from Crown: 2.5"

  • Length from Nape: 5"

  • Length from Side of Head 5.5"

  • Extra Features: Sheer 1 1/2" deep lace front for a low density, natural looking hairline, hand-tied top for extra comfort, velvet lined ear tabs and velvet lined extended neck, ultra thin adjusters at the nape for added comfort.

    Instructions on cutting a lace front wig:

    You will need:
  • Polystyrene Head
  • A soft, light coloured pencil – eyebrow/eyeliner pencils are particularly useful.
  • Scissors.
  • A tape measure/ruler.

    1) Place the wig on a polystyrene head.

    2) First, you need to find the centre point on the front hairline of the lace. A good way to do this is to put a centre parting in the wig.

    3) Once you have found the centre, take your light coloured pencil and tape measure and from the centre (of the very top of the lace), place your tape measure on the hair line, measuring ½ cm vertically down onto the lace and carefully mark with a small dot using the pencil. Any extra length of lace which is left is used to prevent loss of the hair line in case the lace begins to fray and needs to be cut off.

    4) Now, repeat this for each side of the hairline, from the centre point of the lace to the right ear AND from centre point of the lace to the left ear, leaving a 3cm gap between each measurement.

    5) You will now have a line of small dots from ear to ear across the lace. Now, take your pencil and very lightly connect the dots to form a line. This will be your cutting line.

    6) Do not attempt to cut the whole lace front off in one go – as this will leave jagged/sharp edges on the hairline of the lace, making it uncomfortable to wear. Also, take care to make sure that the lace is pulled tight with your fingers whilst cutting. This will help create smooth, even strokes.

    7) Carefully take your scissors, find your original centre point and cut from the edge of the lace vertically up to the line you have just drawn. Repeat this along the line you have drawn at every 3cm dot, so you have a series of cuts all the way along the front of the lace.

    8) Going back to the front centre of the lace, you can now start to cut the lace off.

    9) Starting at the centre carefully cut using long fluid movements, down to the first 3cm dot and previous incision. Make sure you follow the line and meet the previous cuts you made, so that small pieces of lace are cut away each time to create your new hairline.

    10) Repeat this down both the right and left side of the lace.

    You now have your new, natural hair line.
  • How to care / style your new wig


    How to care for your new wig

    All our wigs are made from the highest quality synthetic fibre that is designed to look and feel just like real hair. To ensure these stay looking their best we suggest you care for these in the following way.

    Wigs do not need to be washed as frequently as your own hair. We suggest you wash them every 10th wear or so, depending on how you have been wearing them.


    Gently remove tangles from the wig with fingers or a tangle teezer. Do not brush.
    To wash use a special mild shampoo such as Synovation & cool water, soak 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not rub.
    To soften and smooth the fibre use a conditioning soak such as the Synovation revitaliser.
    Dab gently with towel to remove excess water. Do not brush or comb while wet as this will stretch the fibre.
    To dry hang or use a frame. Do not use a head block to dry the wig as this will stretch the cap.
    Do not use heat- either blow dryer or hair tongs to style.
    Please keep the wig away from sources of heat (such as when you open the oven door) as this may cause the fibres to melt.


    How to style your new wig

    The style of the wig has a 'memory' that will return to it once the wig is dried eliminating the need for heat styling. Hairspray may be used to fix the style or if a glossy finish is wanted use a fibre oil. Please use specialist products that are soluble in cool water such as the Synovation products.


    Synovation shampooSynovation fibre oilSynovation revitaliserSynovation finishing spraySynovation conditioning sprayTangle Teezer